Equipment OEMs

If you require service or support of your electronics and your manufacturer does not have this capability, Ag Express could be your solution.

Why partner with Ag Express?

Ag Express Electronics is the perfect partner whenever expectations of post-sale service are unmet between OEM and EM for any reason. Even in cases where obsoletion or lack of backward compatibility might hinder service, we specialize in custom solutions. Partner with Ag Express so that low service volumes, price-sensitive customers, or lack of tooling won't stop the servicing of your mission-critical products. Contact us today to discuss your situation!

Our Capabilities

Ag Express Electronics has a wide range of expertise and capabilities in service and support for various Electronics and Electro-Mechanical devices. Since 1992, our team has offered years of troubleshooting experience. We specialize in repairing, updating, and calibrating; instrumentation, touch screens/controls, circuit board assemblies, and electro-mechanical devices. That includes software updates and flashing units to the latest revision level. Small batch runs are one of our primary niches and, "one-off" projects are something we gladly consider. Ag Express is also committed to quality by applying failure analysis and screenings. We then provide manufactures with the system failure analysis and testing data that is requested.

Other Notes

Ag Express will consider producing custom parts to help with your manufacturing or repair process even during times of supply chain issues and parts obsolescence. If you need testing equipment, we can also build custom solutions for your specific needs.

Contact Us

"We use Ag Express to repair and refurbish monitors, scale heads, controllers, and instrument clusters from equipment built by various manufacturers. If we need a unit repaired quickly to meet a customer's request, they partner with us by getting the unit repaired right away and sent back to us."

Bob Sangrey - Hoober Inc