What would reduced tire wear, better stalk digestion, and a permanent no-touch stalk-breaking solution mean for your bottom line?

Reduced Tire Wear

One of the primary contributors to harvest time tire wear is corn stubble. Stalkknockers attach to your corn head behind the snapping rollers, breaking the stalks forward just above the ground. By breaking the stalks, tire wear is significantly reduced.

Microbial Breakdown

Stalkknockers balance breaking stalks to enhance microbial digestion and keeping them intact enough to resist blowing away. Keeping the organic matter in the row improves seed bed condition and soil health, potentially reducing tillage and fertilizer needs.

Ingenuity and Simplicity

Built by farmers for farmers, the Stalkknockers corn head attachment solves common corn harvesting problems with unparalleled efficiency. Installation is simple and fast, and trailering does not require paddle adjustment for most heads, allowing you to focus on what matters most. The paddles are lightweight and resilient, improving fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance needs over some competing products.