Repair Services

For more than 30 years, Ag Express has been providing service and repairs to farmers and agriculture dealers across the world. Our goal is to keep everyone up-and-running so they may achieve maximum productivity. Learn more about our ag technology repair services below.

Get Your Repair Started

Download the appropriate repair form below. Once completed, include it with your device.

Download General Repair FormDownload Trimble Repair Form

Service & Repair Options

  • Drop off equipment during business hours to one of our three locations: Iowa, Indiana, or Nebraska
  • Ship your device/unit/component with a repair form (instructions below).
Once we receive your order and have had a chance to diagnose and determine a repair plan, we will call to discuss and at that time we’ll ask for a credit card to complete the order.

Can Ag Express Repair My Unit?

The answer is probably yes. While we are a top repair and service dealer for Topcon, Trimble and Dickey-John, we also repair thousands of other electronic and electro-mechanical devices, often at the component level. Have questions? Email us at; call us at 855-334-3400 (option 4); or click below to call us directly from your computer. Please be prepared to provide the specific make and model, a picture of the unit, and a description of your problem or concern.

Repairs typically include one or more of the following:
  • Thorough cleaning and diagnostic process
  • Repair and replacement of any defective electronic components, LCDs, touch screens, audio alarms, switches, and keypads
  • Repair and replacement of electro/mechanical assemblies
  • Calibration or alignment per unit specifications
Cable repairs typically include one or more of the following:
  • Complete replacement of the harness or cable assembly, connector, or pins and sockets
  • Splicing of the harness or cable (if applicable)
  • Custom-made cables and interfaces for your applications
Have a question about whether your equipment can be repaired? Visit with an Ag Express Repair Technician at today!

Service & Repair Cost:

Costs vary significantly across the wide array of products that we repair. Repair pricing is decided based on the product's complexity, parts costs, and availability of components. We will gladly provide an estimate and always contact you before beginning repairs when expected costs exceed typical or “reasonable” rates. If you would like to inquire about the potential costs of repairs for your situation, email us at; call us at 855-334-3400 (option 4); or click below to call us directly from your computer.

Service & Repair Timing:

Our goal is to always provide a 48-hour turnaround, but this requires all information to be provided with shipment or drop off and may change seasonally based on volume. We prioritize repairs in the order received and based on parts availability.

Instructions for Shipping a Unit for Repair:

  1. Fill out and print this Repair Form for general repairs. (for Trimble, use this Repair Form). If you don't have a printer, write us a note with the information requested on the form.
  2. Enclose the form or note in the box with the unit(s) you are sending
  3. Visit your local shipping or mail provider in-person or online and send the package to one of our three locations:
    • Nebraska: 308 Claude Road, Grand Island, NE 68803 • Phone: 308-381-2905
    • Iowa: 6280 NE 14th St., Des Moines, IA 50313 • Phone: 515-289-2746
    • Indiana: 106 W Main, PO Box 28, Sulphur Springs, IN 47388 • Phone: 765-533-4809
Shipping Tips:
  • Use high-quality and sufficient packaging to protect your unit(s) in transit.
  • Take special precautions to protect LCD and touch screens.
  • Ensure that no connectors or secondary units are coming in contact with any display.
  • Choose a mail or shipping service that provides a tracking number

Important Policy & Procedure Info

These guidelines apply for all repairs, whether shipped or dropped off in person at Ag Express Electronics, to ensure timely service or repair and that equipment always makes its way home.

Required Information:
  • Credit Card & Shipping Address Required to Assess or Begin Work: Ag Express requires a credit card (or active implement dealer account) and shipping address before accepting equipment. This information facilitates the return of equipment if there is no response, as noted below. Customers may still pay by check or cash when picking up a repair in person.
  • Shipments Received Without Payment Information: If Ag Express receives equipment without payment information, an Ag Express employee will attempt to contact the customer within 24 hours of receipt. If Ag Express does not receive a response within five business days, the equipment is shipped back unrepaired.
  • Estimate Approvals & 30-Day Non-Response Returns: Estimates must be approved or denied within 30 days of receipt. Otherwise, Ag Express will ship the item back unrepaired and bill for a minimum check-out fee of $85 and shipping costs.
    • The check-out fee will be applied toward the repair service if a customer resubmits equipment for repair after Ag Express has returned it due to a lack of response. Shipping costs incurred do not apply to the repair service.
  • Work Completion & 30-Day Non-Response Returns: Repairs labeled for “pick up” will be held for 30 days. After 30 days, Ag Express will ship the repaired equipment to the customer and charge the necessary shipping.
Shipping Damages:

Ag Express Electronics is not liable for any damage that occurs during shipping. Please contact the shipper for all damage claims. Additionally, Ag Express will not insure returns of repaired items unless insurance is requested and paid for by the customer (prior) to shipping.

Contact Us

While it is not necessary to contact Ag Express before sending us your product for repairs, we always welcome a discussion about your needs or any additional information about the repair. To speak to someone about repairs, email us at; call us at 855-334-3400 (option 4); or click below to call us directly from your computer.

Repair Service Warranty Policy

Repair Service Warranty Policy