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DICKEY-john® is the worldwide leader in grain moisture testers, and Ag Express® Electronics has been with Dickey-john since day one! We are the experts to depend on when you are shopping for a new moisture tester, or need a repair or calibration. We take the extra time to set up the unit for your operation and pre-load the grain constants you’ll need! Trust the experts!

Grain Constant Updates

Need grain constants for a 2500 unit you already own?
Here's a handy link: http://cal.dickey-john.com/calibrations.aspx

DICKEY-john GAC 2500-AGRIThe DICKEY-john GAC® 2500-AGRI

The DICKEY-john GAC 2500-AGRI farm-based moisture tester uses the new federal standard technology (149 MHz) to provide the most accurate analysis of grain moisture, temperature, and test weight available. It comes equipped with the latest NTEP approved grain calibrations providing elevator level accuracy at the farm level.

  • Reduces the number of grain calibrations required which delivers more precise moisture results
  • Provides efficient and reliable analysis of grain
  • Color touchscreen display for easy operation
  • Offers improved internal and external data storage and sharing
  • Fast infrared temperature compensation allows grain to be tested from -4 to 113 degrees F
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DICKEY-john MINI GAC 2500The DICKEY-john mini GAC® 2500

Measuring grain moisture straight from the field has never been easier than with the DICKEY-john mini GAC 2500 handheld grain moisture analyzers. This handheld moisture tester offers the highest level of accuracy in its class while being fast and easy to use. It also has 149 MHz UGMA technology to match the new moisture testers at the elevator.

  • Simple operation with a menu-driven interface
  • Eliminates pre-weighing with an internal scale
  • Avoids cumbersome screw caps that can cause grain damage and oily residue
  • Easily loads calibrations with a USB
  • Tests hot or cold grain between 32 and 122°F (0 - 50°C)
  • Operating temperature: 40 - 113° F (5 - 45° C)
  • Humidity: 5 - 95% non-condensing
  • Power: 9 V DC battery (installed)
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DICKEY-john GAC 2500-UGMAThe DICKEY-john GAC® 2500-UGMA

The DICKEY-john GAC® 2500-UGMA Grain Analysis Computer is the next generation of moisture testers from the world-wide leader in grain moisture analyzers. In addition to being GIPSA-Certified as UGMA-Compatible, the GAC 2500-UGMA offers accurate and reliable features.

  • Field proven to work with all leading scale systems
  • Utilizes the latest 149MHz technology to bring you NTEP certified results with faster analysis time.
  • Equipped with NTEP calibrations for all grain types with custom calibrations available for specialty products such as walnuts and almonds, as well as non NTEP calibrations.
  • Accurately tests frozen grain with running temperature of -4° F to + 113° F (depending on grain calibrations and moisture)
  • Designed with a color touch screen, easy-to-use operating system and ergonomically designed sample drawer.
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The DICKEY-john GAC 500XTThe DICKEY-john GAC® 500-XT

This compact, cost-effective unit lets you analyze grain moisture, temperature, and test weight anywhere on the farm. For fast, accurate moisture testing, you can't beat the GAC®500 XT: Just choose a grain, load the hopper, and press a button.
  • Easy to use
  • ±0.2 moisture repeatability
  • Cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, beans
  • Stores up to 16 calibrations
  • More than 450 calibrations available for download
  • 110/220 volt, DC converter, or cigarette lighter power sources
  • Preloaded with 10 languages (others available)
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The DICKEY-john mini GACThe DICKEY-john mini GAC®

Whether you're harvesting, storing, or trading grain, nothing is more important to its value than its moisture content.
With the mini GAC you can measure moisture:
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Accurate
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The DICKEY-john mini GAC plusThe DICKEY-john mini GAC® plus

Whether you're harvesting, storing, or trading grain, nothing is more important to its value than its moisture content and test weight.
With the mini GAC plus you can measure moisture and test weight, and it's:
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Accurate
Features include:
  • Menu-driven operating system
  • An internal scale (no pre-weighing)
  • USB compatibility for calibration loading
  • Used for over 450 grains and products
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • And NO screw cap, which can damage grains, create oily residue, and are cumbersome to use.
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DICKEY-john Instalab 700The DICKEY-john Instalab® 700 NIR Analyzer

Reliable and accurate fixed filter testing that is simple to operate.

The Instalab®700 analyzer offers reliability and accuracy in fixed filter testing that is simple to operate and affordable.

Quality design and construction ensures the most reliable NIR results available. The Instalab®700 has a patented rotating sample cup which virtually eliminates problems associated with sample non-homogeneity. The cup rotation is computer-controlled, with 120 readings taken at 3° intervals and averaged for each wavelength. The optional liquid sample cup has a non-rotation feature for the measurement of liquids and oils.

Completely customizable, it allows filters to be changed to adjust the bandwidth for product constituents, including protein, cellulose, sugar, ash, starch, oil and fat, alcohol, cotton, and polyester. The Instalab®700 is an analytical upgrade from the Instalab®600 series, which allows for porting of the Instalab®600’s extensive constituent library to the Instalab®700.

The Instalab®700 is dependable in design and built for trouble-free operation in any environment – from lab to production line.

Instalab® 700 prices range from $16,000 to $24,000 depending upon the options you need.
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