Upgrade your planters with row control products by Elliott Manufacturing®

posted on Saturday, January 7, 2017 in Sales


RowControl™ provides John Deere® planters equipped with Pro-Shaft™ drive an easy, low-cost solution for adding individual row clutches. The current shaft is removed and replaced with a clutch/shaft assembly. This installation can be completed in a matter of minutes per row. The clutch is located at the toolbar end of the shaft and gearbox assembly. This allows the flexible shaft to stop rotating when the clutch is engaged prevent unnecessary wear on the shaft. The clutch has a 2 pin Deutsch® connector which allows it to be used with existing RowCommand™ harnesses (if equipped). Ag Express can also provide complete clutch overlay harnesses to connect to EPMs (RowCommand™) or GS2™ Rate Controllers.

In addition, RowControl™ can also be used as a replacement for RowCommad™ clutches. A replacement seed meter gearbox is required to take the place of the failed clutch, or the original clutch can also be left in place if it is mechanically sound.   RowControl™ Literature - PDF



FlexSeeder™ allows a planter equipped with chains and sprockets to be upgraded to a flexible shaft drive. Eliminate headaches caused by chains being knocked off by residue and the continual lubrication required.  These kits include a toolbar mounted gearbox, flexible drive shaft, seed meter gearbox, and all necessary hardware. They can be purchased with or without a row clutch for individual row control. They do not require maintenance and are lubricated for the life of the product.  Kits are available for multiple makes and models of planters.  
FlexSeeder Literature - PDF 


SurfaceDrive™ allows Precision Planting® vSet™ meters to be used without electric drive. Get all of the benefits of the vSet™ meter without the expense of the vDrive™ motor. Bring the accuracy of the vSet™ meter together with the consistency and reliability of flexible shaft drive. The SurfaceDrive™ kits are similar to the RowControl+ kits but made specifically with a gearbox that attaches to the vSet™ meter. These kits are available with or without a clutch for individual row control. The vSet™ meter and hopper kit are required to be purchased from a Precision Planting® dealer. Kits are available for multiple makes and models of John Deere®, Case IH®, Kinze®, and AGCO® planters.  SurfaceDrive™ Literature - PDF  

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