Warranty Statement

Ag Express Electronics Inc. warrants to the original purchaser for use that, if any part of the products proves to be defective in material or workmanship within one year from date of original installation, and is returned to Ag Express Electronics Inc. within 30 days after such defect is discovered, Ag Express Electronics Inc. will (at our option) either replace or repair said part. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from misuse, neglect, accident or improper installation or maintenance. Said part will not be considered defective if it substantially fulfills the performance specifications. 

THIS FOREGOING WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PURPOSE AND OF ANY OTHER TYPE, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.  Ag Express Electronics Inc. neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for it any other obligation or liability in connection with said parts and will not be liable for consequential damages.  Purchaser accepts these terms and warranty limitations unless the product is returned within (15) fifteen days for a full refund of purchase price (less shipping and freight cost). In no case shall Ag Express Electronics Inc. be liable for any incidental, special, consequential, or similar damages.