KZValve S Series NH3 1 Inch On/Off Ball Valve

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The NEW S Series NH3 valve is designed specifically for anhydrous ammonia. The S8F33 is cost-effective and built with quality materials to withstand the NH3 environment.
  • Valve body: CF8M stainless steel
  • Ball: 316 stainless steel (vented)
  • Stem: 316 stainless steel with EPDM O-ring
  • Seat: Molecularly enhanced virgin Teflon® (ME-PTFE)
  • Stem packing: Molecularly enhanced virgin Teflon® (ME-PTFE)

Low torque design

Vented ammonia ball valve

Waterproof: Rated NEMA 6P

Ignition safe: Rated NEMA 7D
Cycle Time 0.8 sec

Flow GPM

Maximum PSI: 600 PSI at 70° F
KZCO S8F33 Product Brochure



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