Precision monitoring of fertilizer

posted on Monday, January 2, 2017 in Sales

Why would you trust the critical application of your Fertilizer to floating balls in a plastic container? The SFA32 gives the operator an instant and on-going in cab visual indication of your critical Starter Fertilizer or Side Dressing applications.  This integrated system consists of ... in cab touch screen Display ... a Flow Meter for each Row (up to 32) … Mounting hardware for the Flow Meters & robust harnessing.  More details here.  To purchase or configure a system designed for your application, please contact us for assistance.

The SFA32 can also be configured as a "State of the art Planter Monitor".

Liquid Flow Monitor Feature Video

Precision Flow Meters installed on a John Deere® 1770NT (Starter fertilizer on bottom - Popup fertilizer on top)
Picture Credit: Equipment owned by Luellen Farms, Mooreland Indiana