John Deere® 1990CCS™ Drill Variable Rate Conversion

John Deere 1990 CCS Drill Variable Rate Conversion

posted on Sunday, January 8, 2017 in Sales

Ag Express is now offering kits to convert ground driven 1990CCS™ drills to hydraulic drive variable rate. Kits are available to use a DICKEY-john® ISO control system or John Deere® GS Rate Controller Dry. A GreenStar™ 2 or 3 display and GPS receiver are also required. All electronic parts are included in these kits to add hydraulic drive capability. An HD4180 PWM valve and motor drive, application rate sensor, mounting brackets and hardware, and cabling are all included. Kit pricing will depend on current monitoring system used and control system chosen.
The DICKEY-john® Air Cart ISO control kit has the capability to control the application rate as well as monitor population or blockage. This system has the ability to run a set straight rate or use a prescription. Prescriptions are loaded through the GreenStar™ 2 or 3 display Documentation page. If Section Control is activated on a 2630 display, this system also has the capability of turning off the drive to save seed in previously planted areas. Additional modules can be added to the master control module if seed monitoring is desired in this system. For example a Computer-Trak™ 350 can remain to do seed monitoring or can be removed so that all functions are done on the GreenStar™ display. SM500 monitors can also be converted. If SeedStar™ 2 blockage is present, all seed sensors and modules are compatible.  Please call for details.