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posted on Monday, July 22, 2019 in Sales

Are you looking for a better way to gauge yields at harvest time? Are you tired of borrowing a weigh wagon to calibrate your combine yield monitor? Digi-Star has the solution. Check out their model lines to see which one is right for your operation. We offer complete weighing systems and replacement parts for existing systems.

Digi-Star EZ400EZ 400

This entry-level system helps reduce cab clutter due to its compact size. It’s excellent for smaller implement applications, like grain carts, seeders, bale processors, cornstalk balers, and forage balers. 


  • Tare Key and net/gross key allow for quick display viewing
  • Four mounting bracket options: standard, wedge, u-bolt, and RAM for greater flexibility
  • Front panel programmability for basic set up and calibration
  • Backlit display
  • Two load cell connectors and serial output 

AEE Part # DS409666
Includes: side-tab mounts (Order power cable or 12 VDC supply separately)

GT 465 AutoLog - Entry Level ISOBUS SystemDigi-Star GT465

The GT 465 AutoLog is Digi-Star’s mid-range scale system, featuring Autolog2, which allows for autonomous load/unload count and weight logging. This indicator is also ISOBUS virtual terminal compatible.


  • Flexible display mounting options when using the ISOBUS virtual terminal – side mount for combine operator use or front mount for efficient truck loading.
  • Easy to learn
  • Capture each load, every time with AutoLog2
  • Compatible with leading virtual terminals in agriculture
  • Reduce the likelihood of overloaded trucks and spilled grain with the Autolog2 output control monitoring system’s automatic start/stop function

AEE Part # DS408953
Includes: GT465, AutoLog Sensor, and Cables

GT 560Digi-Star GT560

The flagship line of Digi-Star is the GT 560, which features the Harvest Tracker System. This software platform connects your scale, smart device, and PC for unparalleled visibility and traceability. In addition to Autolog2, an in-cart moisture sensor increases accuracy, so you get the most reliable results straight out of the field.


  • Grain moisture data recording during unloading and dry bushel calculation (Option)
  • GPS location data recorded for loading and unloading locations (Option) 
  • Increased microprocessor power with firmware, updatable via USB stick
  • Hour meter, maintenance message, and custom sign-on message 

It is easy to upgrade your grain cart scale head to a GT 560. Here's how:

  1. If you are using a GT 460, transfer all data from the indicator to Harvest Tracker on your PC, via the USB stick.
  2. Transfer the set-up and calibration numbers (With your current Digi-Star scale head turned on, press ON to run self-test. Write down the setup and calibration numbers.).
  3. Order the GT 560 to upgrade. 
AEE Part #
DS410566 – Includes: GT560, AutoLog Sensor, Moisture Sensor, GPS Receiver, ERM-WIFI, and Cables
DS410564  – Includes: GT560, AutoLog Sensor, Moisture Sensor, GPS Receiver, and Cables
DS410563  – Includes: GT560, AutoLog Sensor, Moisture Sensor, and Cables
DS410561 – Includes: GT560, AutoLog Sensor, and Cables

Weigh Bars & Load CellsDigi-Star Load Cells

Weigh bars/beams and load cells sold separately.
Prices vary from $150 to $1,200 per weigh bar depending upon the application.

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