2.5" Air Cart Blockage Sensors

posted on Friday, May 18, 2018 in Sales

Blockage Detection for the Primary tubes shown on a John Deere® 1910 Air Cart...

Have you ever seeded a field only to find days later when the crop starts emerging that you have skips and bare streaks in your field? Why didn't your blockage system warn you? Your main blockage system cannot distinguish between seed and granular fertilizer flowing through the main blockage system so it didn't warn you that your seed primary tubes were totally or partially blocked. Now you have to fill in the blanks or deal with the weeds all season long.

The simple solution to this issue is to add the Ag Express® custom designed 2.5" tubes in conjunction with the DICKEY-john® UniRate™ sensors to monitor the primary seed tubes on your air cart. It's even possible to make the additional connection to the John Deere® SeedStar™2 monitoring system with an additional member module or use a separate monitoring system for detection. Either way, you will get peace of mind knowing your seed is flowing through your primary tubes and will reach its destination.

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