Equipment OEMs

OEM Capabilities

With a wide range of expertise & capabilities, Ag Express has been providing services & support for various Electronics and Electro Mechanical devices since 1992.

  • Electronic repair of Instrumentation, touch screens & controls
  • Electronic repair of Circuit board assemblies
  • Repair & Calibration of Electro/Mechanical devices
  • Repair & Return of “end-user” units if desired
  • Remanufacturing of Electronic Instrumentation/Circuit Boards
  • Hardware/Software updates & reworks
  • Refurbishing of Electro/Mechanical devices circuit boards
  • Failure analysis & screenings provided to spec as well as NAP’s
  • SMT, Fine Pitch, High Population, Through Hole, ESD
  • Small run custom/specialty electronic projects
  • Custom cable & harness interfacing
  • ISO cabling & interfacing
  • Interfacing of different Brands & Models
  • Multitude of GPS cable capability
  • Troubleshooting expertise & assistance
  • What do you need?

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