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How would this work?

For this to be successful we need access to certain items.  Because of the Proprietary nature of these products – the most successful formula is when there is a Triangular arrangement between the Equipment OEM, the Electronic manufacturer and Ag Express Electronics.

Critical items to success include elements that reside primarily with the OEM and the Electronic Manufacturer – such as:

  • Access to proprietary documentation. ie: Schematics, Circuit designations.
  • Availability to Custom Parts. ie: Custom Displays, Plastic Enclosures, Custom Microprocessors.  (Note 1)
  • Availability to Hardware up grade information.
  • Access to software to perform required software upgrades.
  • Access to stand alone test equipment (Jig) or testing software.  (Note 2)
  • Access to proper testing procedures to ensure correct operation.


  1. Ag Express would consider having custom parts manufactured if quantities and ROI can be realized in a reasonable time frame. Pertinent information will be required from the OEM or the Electronic Manufacturer for this to be feasible.
  2. If test equipment is not available, it is possible that peripheral system components can be substituted for testing purposes. 
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