Electronic Manufacturers


If you require service or support of the electronics that you manufacture - or perhaps your OEM customer has a service requirement and at this time you don't have the capability, Ag Express could be your solution. We can either provide our services directly to you, or to your OEM – the choice is yours.

Why would an Electronic Manufacturer partner with Ag Express?

Electronic Manufacturers “EM” may choose to utilize Ag Express for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The OEM wants their product serviced – but the EM does not provide service.  
  • The product has become obsolete and no replacements are available to keep the OEM equipment fully functional.
  • The EM & the OEM have severed ties.
  • The latest version of the electronic device is not backwards compatible, making repair or remanufacturing imperative to the OEM.
  • The OEM’s end-user customers are price sensitive.
  • No tooling to manufacture replacements.
  • Low volume of service needed.
  • Obsoletion of custom or off shelf parts has caused the assembly to no longer be viable to manufacture.  However, core stock could be utilized to produce critical replacements or service units.
  • The EM services product with manufacturing staff and this is a disruption.
  • The EM does not possess the resources to service the product. 
  • What is your situation?
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