The History of Ag Express

Ag Express Electronics® was founded as an independent company in 1992.  A small, dedicated and diverse group of 10 Pioneers would go on to provide the foundation for what our company has become today.  Previously, this group had all worked for the company that first brought electronics to the Agricultural Industry in the early 70's.

Ag Express's early customers were primarily farmers, implement dealers, grain elevators and custom fertilizer applicators. These customers were the early benefactors and adapters of agriculture electronics and Ag Express filled the void for electronic service, support, education and assistance with their products.  

Throughout the years, Ag Express has added to it's portfolio of customers - including, electronic manufacturers, agriculture equipment OEM's, turf industry, industrial OEM's, irrigation and many others.  These customers choose to partner with us for various reasons, but the most common reason given is that Ag Express can provide them or their customers with solutions or expertise that is not readily available elsewhere.  Services we can assist with include, electronic repair, re-manufacturing, calibration, revision updates, interfacing, custom cable assemblies and electro/mechanical issues.

Products that we support have expanded from simple electronic monitoring systems to complex CAN bus systems, touch screen displays, global positioning systems and prescription farming computers.

Ag Express Electronics . . . proud of our past, excited about today and looking forward to the future!


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