Planter & Drill monitors

The PM100 is the most economical seed monitor available for a planter or grain drill monitoring system where only the detection of seed flow is necessary. The Dual operating mode allows the user to choose between flashing visual indicators when seeding or "lights on" when there is a row failure. Audible and visual indicators along with Dickey-john's quality make this a perfect monitor for your needs. 

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The PM300 & PM400 are part of the new generation of seed monitors from Dickey-john. These monitors provide all the necessary information needed when planting your crops. Population, speed, area counters, high/low population warnings and other optional accessory inputs are available for up to 16 rows on the PM300. To monitor planters up to 36 rows, the PM400 will cover all your needs with all the same features.

The Seed Manager is also a planter monitor which features up to 36 row monitoring capabilities along with multiple fan, shaft, pressure and hopper level inputs. This monitor will show all the same information as the PM300 & 400 monitors but has a second bargraph display rather then showing flashing indicators for the rows. Great alternative for the CIH1200 or Early Riser planters. An optional GPS logging output is available with the Seed Manager.

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The ASMII blockage monitor is designed to monitor up to 128 rows or runners on large air seeders or drills. Along with Dickey-john's economical recon sensors, this system will provide a low-cost and dependable seed monitoring system.

The Seed Manager SE monitor is designed for large air seeders and drills. Using a combination of counting and flow sensors, you can get population and row monitoring for up to 96 rows. GPS logging output, hopper, shaft, fan and pressure inputs are also optional accessories.

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