“Ag Express specializes in the sales, repair and support of electronic instrumentation and controls used in the agricultural industry. We also design custom wiring harnesses and provide after-market solutions for the interfacing of OEM equipment and controls.”

Industries Served
  • 2017

    What can Ag Express do to help you in 2017?

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  • UGMA

    Introducing the latest in Moisture Tester Technology for your Commercial Facility !

    Utilizes the latest FGIS 149MHZ technology to bring your Commercial Facility NTEP certified results with faster analysis time.
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  • MINI GAC 2500

    Take Elevator accuracy with you to the Field!

    Brand new for 2017 - the MINI GAC 2500 utilizes the latest 149 MHZ technology. Tests Hot or Cold Grain.
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  • GAC 2500-AGRI

    Introducing the latest in Moisture Tester Technology for your Farm Operation!

    Utilizes the same 149MHZ technology that your elevator uses. Take your Farm Operation to the next level of accuracy!
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  • Mini-GAC

    The Mini-GAC® PLUS by DICKEY-john® the leader in Moisture Tester Technolgy

    Choose the mini GAC® PLUS for highly accurate moisture testing - the ONLY handheld moisture tester that measures accurate test weight.
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  • Hiniker Nitro-Lert

    NH3 Knife Blockage Monitor

    Monitor each individual knife for blockage on your Anhydrous Ammonia applicator. Avoid the costly yellow streaks in your fields by using a Hiniker Nitro-Lert™ monitoring system.
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  • Catalog

    Checkout our Precision Catalog

    Wherever your Precision Agriculture is taking you... we can help you get there!
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  • SFA32 Monitor

    SFA32 Planter/Flow Monitor

    Need a unit that will monitor starter fertilizer? Introducing the SFA from Ag Express. It also serves as a "state of the art" Planter monitor.
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  • 1990CCS

    John Deere® 1990CCS™ Drill Variable Rate Conversion

    Ag Express is now offering kits to convert ground driven 1990CCS™ drills to hydraulic drive variable rate!
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